Why did you write The Real Chad Move?

When I was 24, I was absolutely clueless, ignorant, and brainwashed about women and relationships. My parents were divorced. I don't want anyone else to go through life like that, including my sons.

Now at age 42, I have a lot of mental energy due to quitting various dopamine addictions (porn and video games). I consider my first free book, The Flying Eagle Method, to be finished at this point, so I needed something new to work on.

Who should read The Real Chad Move?

I think any guy with a logical brain should read it. It's still a mystery to me why so many guys don't understand women or romantic relationships, because it's not that complicated — it's not rocket science.

Why is it in quiz format?

I like interesting and concise digital formats, and it's a way to keep someone's attention. Note that after you finish the quiz once, it unlocks the single page "book" format. But you can't skip straight to the end!

Did you write the quiz code yourself?

Yes. I've been a programmer for 23 years. If you see any bugs, please let me know.

What sources did you use?

1) Doc Love's book "The System". He interviewed *thousands* of women.

2) Hundreds of anonymous women's stories in an internet group.

3) Adam Lane Smith had a podcast where he talked about various topics, like vasopressin.

4) My own marriage of 17 years, which validates the above sources

How did Doc Love change your life?

When I was 24, I was trying to date for the first time in my life, and was struggling to get anywhere. The only woman I emailed on a dating site just ghosted me after I typed something really lame (super cringe).

I started reading Doc Love's free articles on askmen.com, and was hooked. I couldn't find anything wrong with what he was saying, so I bought his book "The System" — even though it cost $100 at the time.

Anyway, after reading the book a few times, my brainwashing was removed, and dating was pretty easy and fun. A friend of mine who was my age also read the book and it changed his life too. We called it our "other bible".

The only thing Doc didn't talk about enough was sex, so I want to improve that in my book, because I would have benefited from better information.